Adult Leadership Training Academies

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World Class Outpost Seminar


World Class Outpost Seminar is designed to expose the outpost leadership team to a successful set of practices, methods, strategies, and tools that will enable them to develop into a World Class Outpost. The greatest benefit of this event is achieved when the outpost/church leadership attends and completes this event together as a team.

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National Rangers Ministry Camp

National Rangers Ministry Camp provides instruction in leading exciting outpost activities. Each man will be introduced to the following activities: archery, art, air rifle, contemporary camping, computers, drama, music, team building initiatives, trades, and Ranger Derby. Additionally, participants experience what it means to be a boy-lead, adult-facilitated outpost, using the team/patrol system. Most importantly, participants are challenged spiritually to live a life of godly manhood and servant leadership. Every leader will be able to answer the question, “Do I have what it takes to be a godly man?”

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Ranger Kids Training Conference

Ranger Kids Training Conference (NEEC) is an interactive event that gives men and women leaders training in various techniques and methods to effectively teach and mentor boys. Leaders will explore the development and needs of the elementary age group, with Ranger Kids as the main focus. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the needs and characteristics of boys so you can better relate and connect with them. 

Johnnie Barnes Excellence in Leadership & Ministry Initiative

The Johnnie Barnes Excellence Initiative (JBEI or EI), for short, will stretch you and your leadership team. You will be challenged to embrace new leadership behaviors and attitudes. Though counter-intuitive, you will discover freedom by embracing limits that lead to greater influence and effectiveness. You will also receive tools to continually improve upon past performance and reach new goals.

District leaders are encouraged to ask potential or new organizational leaders to attend this seminar shortly before or after appointing them to their first post of service.  All organizational leaders should attend the seminar every 5 years to refresh their knowledge on current leadership topics.

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